Subject Idea: How To: Make Money from ANY Affiliate Product… Without EVER Promoting It


If you asked me how to make money as an affiliate I’d simply say… well promote the product ‘Duh’

I mean… you have to promote the product to get the affiliate commission right?
Well… actually NO you don’t.

You see Mark’s been generating income from affiliate offers without actually promoting the offer?

I agree… it sounds ridiculous – But it’s a fact, and he’s been doing it since last November and making 1000s as a result… Don’t believe it?

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OK… I’m intrigued, so how is this possible?

Well the Process is called BLOX… essentially it uses one Blog (you know how to build a WP Blog right?).

It uses specific pre-sell blog posts (not promoting any affiliate products) and a ‘Secret Page’ which turns prospects into affiliate commission.
The process is actually Pretty Damned Easy… as well as being Pretty Damned Clever

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You have to see this to believe it…


Subject Ideas: $633.60 Affiliate Commission In 15 Hours While NOT Promoting The Affiliate Offer

Subject Ideas: $138.50 Affiliate Commission In 21 Minutes (without Promoting the offer?)


Can You Spare 2 Hours?

Look at this…

These figures are affiliate income (nothing unusual about that – but see below)

  • $138.50 In 21 Minutes
  • $633.60 In 15 Hours

So What?

Those figures above are Marks affiliate earnings on one recent project… the odd thig is that this was achieved by NOT promoting the actual affiliate product?

The process is called BLOX

And if making money from affiliate products without actually promoting you sounds like a plan then I recommend you watch this case study – Click Here to Watch [LINK]

Is this REAL?

It does sound a little weird I grant you… but yes BLOX is real and Mark’s been using it to make 100’s even 1000s per week from affiliate products ‘which he never actually promotes’

Can Anyone Do It?

Yes… the BLOX system is designed for everyone – Even ‘Stone Cold Newbies’. The only things you’ll need are.

  • #1. A Blog… needs to be self-hosted
  • #2. 1 domain
  • #3. Hosting
  • And around 2 hours…

One More Thing…

BLOX is a complete BLUEPRINT… detailing everything from Start-to-Finish. But rather than just being a quick fix, I.E. you make a few dollars today and tomorrow BLOX is set up to compound everything you do and grow your business as you post (Blog).


I bet you are, I was too… so go see what all the fuss is about – you’ll thank me for pointing this out to you.

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Stop Promoting Affiliate offers Like That, and do it Like This Instead…

Wanna know how to generate income from any affiliate offer you like…. Without ever actually promoting it… And build a real business at the same time?

Umm… Pull the other one – ‘That’s Not Possible’

Yeah I know… Sounds crazy doesn’t it – But it’s True!

Have you heard about BLOX?
BLOX is a unique 4-Step Formula that generates affiliate commission, without actually promoting affiliate offers

And if you have 1-2 hours to spare you can do this too

You’ll need Zero experience
You won’t need any tech skills
The only thing you will need is; 1 Blog and around $5

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The process uses a ‘carrot & stick’ approach to marketing. There are just 4 steps to this ‘Out of The Box’ formula…

Step 1: Pick a product to pre-sell… they call them magnets. Important: They never pre-sell or promote affiliate products!

Step 2: Create a pre-sell for the magnet

Step 3: Show them (prospects) the Secret Page
– – Nearly everyone who sees this page will generate Income for you

Step 4: Send this 4 cent traffic to your Pre-sell

Rinse and Repeat!

Imagine making $100s every week from affiliate products you never actually promote!

Just 4 Easy Steps, and 2 hours per project… That’s it
Could you do that?
I bet you could… and yes BLOX is suitable for Newbies too

So, Stop Promoting Affiliate Products… Click the following link to see how to do this too – BLOX DEMO [Click Here]

…And Start Making Money Tomorrow.


Sick of Failing?

It’s all Pie in the Sky… none of it actually works.
I’m sure you’ve tried this and you’ve tried that only to find out the whole thing was nothing more than a whole lot of ‘Pie in the Sky’ Theory.
• You keep buying and hoping…
• Trying and failing…
• Over and over again
• Does that sound about right… Yes?

Well, let’s fix that today…
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Did you see it?
$633.60 Affiliate Commission In 15 Hours While NOT Promoting The Affiliate Offer
That’s right… I did say ‘While NOT Promoting The Affiliate Offer’

Mark developed this system for his own business and has used it consistently since November 2017. So, if you’re looking for a genuine system, that does what it says on the tin, I.E. makes you money… and comes complete with a huge amount of proof (some of which you can check for yourself), then you really should watch this demo


Oh, by the way… if you get this quick they’re pretty much giving it away…